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Vidaldus Taka jest członkiem Trinity Raven, drużyny pracującej dla Jellala i należącej do gildii zabójców zwanej Death's Head Caucus.


Vidaldus is a mildly muscular man of average height distinguished by his extremely long black hair, which reaches down far below his feet, is parted in the middle and has two bangs reaching down below his waist framing his face. He has a large hooked nose and hairy eyebrows pointing upwards in spikes. When first introduced as Jellal’s attendant, he donned a simple attire consisting of a sleeveless shirt paired with plain armbands, pants and shoes.

After revealing himself as a member of Trinity Raven, Vidaldus switched to his main appearance, which mirrors that of an extreme Metal musician who always seems to be swinging his hair around wildly (otherwise known as Headbanging). His skin is now much paler, and he dons dark makeup around his eyes and on his lips. He’s bare-chested, with a tattoo reading “Ske’etoy” visible on his chest, and he dons shoulder pads and armguards covered in prominent spikes. His pants were replaced by tights held up by a belt with a skull-shaped buckle, and he dons boots paired with greaves decorated by flames-motifs. In the manga, he also has dark coloured fingernails, though they were portrayed as normal in the anime.


While initially appearing as calm, collected, rational and rather apprehensive in relation to Jellal's plan, being particularly concerned about its success, Vidaldus later shown off his true personality as he revealed himself as one of the Trinity Raven team: he's extremely fond and proud of his hair, has a tendency to stick his tongue out in a sick fashion while headbanging madly, and he's shown to have a penchant for stereotypical Hard Metal-related topics, such as Hell, something which he's always screaming about. He seems to enjoy thrilling situations even when they pose a danger to his life, as seen with his excitement about Etherion's imminent firing.He is also distinctively lecherous, having turned only Juvia into a Succubus of him so that she could engage Lucy in a catfight, beating and stripping her. When Lucy remarked that he was the lowest due to this, he gladly accepted the insult as the best compliment he had ever received.


Saga Wieży Niebios

Magia i Umiejętności

Magia Włosów - Magia Vidaldusa opiera się na kontrolowaniu jego włosów, które może wykorzystać do ataku z dobrym skutkiem. Użytkownik ma także możliwość wchłaniania wszelkich wodnych ataków rzuconych na niego, jednakże ma swój limit, przez co Vidaldus nie mógł wchłonąć Wspólnego Ataku Juvii i Lucy (Aquarius).

Magia Gitary - Poprzez grę na gitarze, Vidaldus potrafi opętać wroga, zmieniając go w Succuba - uwielbiającego rocka demona, posłusznego Vidaldusowi. Vidaldus może wybrać, który z jego wrogów się nim stanie.

Transformacja - Vidaldus jest użytkownikiem transformacji. Widać to, gdy przed wkroczeniem Trinity Raven miał inny wygląd, a w momencie wkroczenia do akcji zmienił go na swój prawdziwy.

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